Fixed Partial Dentures

What is a Bridge or a Fixed Partial Denture (FPD)?

 FPDs are used for the replacement of one or more teeth that are missing. They require the preparation of teeth that supports them.

How long do FPDs last? 

 FPDs are one of the oldest type of dental works and their performance over time depend on the right preparation of the abutment teeth , their exact fit over the abutments, the quality of alloy that was used and the patient's care. In order to achieve all that, careful dental work is needed, detailed impression of the teeth and the appropriate lab skills In our clinic FPDs require 5 fabrication stages. The preparation of teeth and the manufacture of a provisional FPD, the impression of teeth, the trial of bridge in the stage of metal framework and another one later in the stage of non-polished porcelain. Finally the bridge is cemented. 75% of FPDs remain in the mouth approximately 10 years and since their failure is accompanied usually with the loss of one or more abutment teeth the solution of dental implants as an alternative treatment plan became popular.

What are the types of FPDs today?

 Today in dental practices we fabricate metal-ceramic FPDs, Maryland and all ceramic FPDs.

 When the metalceramic FPDs are in the anterior area of the mouth and their size is small we can even use cervical porcelain finish so that the bridge will not be detected through the gum line. 
The Maryland Bridge is used to replace an anterior tooth. It has metal wings with which the bridge is cemented on the part of the tooth that is not commonly seen. They require minimal preparation of the supporting teeth and they are used as a provisional solution in patients that will restore later their missing tooth with an implant. They are also used also in periodontal patients after the end of their periodontal treatment in order to stabilize the teeth in case of increased mobility.

In small-sized anterior bridges, we also use ceramic materials to fabricate all ceramic bridges in order to achieve an ideal aesthetic result, since these materials allow the penetrability of light through them.

fixed partial dentures

Improvement of lateral incisor position with a FPD

replacement of fixed partial dentures

Replacement of FPD

replacement of fixed partial dentures, before and after

Replacement of FPD

Fixed partial denture before and after

Full mouth rehabilitation with teeth supported FPDs

fixed partial denture before and after

Intraoral view of a full mouth rehabilitation with teeth supported FPDs

Maryland bridge

Maryland Bridge

replacement of an anterior tooth with Maryland bridge

Replacement of a missing central incisor with a Maryland bridge

anterior missing teeth and a maryland bridge

Maryland bridge replacing a missing central incisor

Maryland bridge

Replacement of two central incisors with a Maryland bridge and dental bonding