What is a denture?

Denture is the removable prosthesis that replaces missing teeth.

It can replace all your teeth and is called full denture or it can replace some of your teeth and is called partial denture.

A full denture is supported by your gums while a partial denture is supported by your own remaining teeth.

What is an immediate denture?

 Immediate is the denture that is fabricated before extraction of any remaining teeth and is delivered right after.

Immediate dentures are excellent solutions for patients that do not wish to be left without any teeth, even for the shortest period of time.

In DentArtistry all our patients that present with a few remaining teeth that need to be extracted, are treated with an immediate denture.

With immediate dentures we copy characteristics of your teeth like their shape, size or color and make a prosthesis that nobody can tell that was placed in your mouth. This is an excellent way to go through the transitional period of tooth loss with self confidence.

Since bones and gums can shrink over time, immediate dentures may require rebasing or relining to fit properly after some time.

What is an overdenture? 

 When your remaining teeth are of medium prognosis, we can use them to support a full denture until they become hopeless. This full denture that is retained by a mechanism to underlying teeth is called overdenture.

For that purpose we use sophisticated mechanisms, cemented on the roots of the remaining teeth.

When the teeth cannot be used any more, we extract them but the existing dentures remain in the mouth. In the meantime you learnt to use the denture and function with it, so you pass through the transitional period easier.

What will dentures feel like?

 New dentures may be difficult to adjust to. They may create sore spots the first days after delivery and since they are removable it takes some time to learn to eat and speak with them.

When they are properly fabricated problems stop in a short period of time.

How easy is it going to be to adjust to my new dentures?

 Most of our patients function succesfully with their dentures and after the adaptation period they feel them like their own teeth.

Others need bigger stability and retention or they cannot accept the concept of a removable prosthesis in their mouth. In cases like that implant treatment can improve the quality of our patients life significantly.

Take a look at full and partial denture cases, that have been treated in our practice.


full denture and face support

Full upper denture provides lip support for face esthetics

full denture and face support

Full upper denture provides youthful appearance to the face

immediate denture

Replacement of a fixed bridge with an immediate denture before and right after the extraction of the teeth

immediate denture

Smile of a patient before and right after the extraction of her teeth, restored with an immediate denture

partial denture

Partial denture before and after its delivery

Smile of a patient with partial denture

Smile of the patient with the full partial denture