hyperemesis gravitarum-  consequences in teeth and dental treatment

Vomiting in pregnancy is a common symptom, especially during first trimester.

It may cause dental problems, since vomit contains stomach acids, that can erode the teeth.

Vomiting during pregnancy usually lasts for a short time. As a result, teeth suffer limited damage when compared to the damage that occurs for example in bulimia.

When vomiting during pregnacy is severe, the condition called Hyperemesis gravidarum, can lead to dehydration and deprivation of the pregnant woman's body by valuable nutrients while at the same time, there is a serious danger to the health of her teeth.

additive adhesive rehabilitation in erosion patient

Teeth erosion, is the loss of tooth substance from chemical causes.

The responsible chemical causes are usually acids, initially causing damage to the enamel and in advanced stages, damage to the dentin as well.

In the oral cavity, acids are usually the result of frequent vomiting from eating disorder or acid reflux.

Acids can be induced in the oral cavity from external causes too. Carbonated soft drinks and energy drinks or acidic fruits ,when consumed in large quantities can prove catastrophic.

Perio patient

Periodontitis is one of the most serious dental diseases.

It is the progress of gingivitis, an inflammatory disease of the gums, which if not treated promptly develops into periodontitis. The inflammation extends from the gums to the bone that supports the teeth, which slowly subsides.

When periodontitis is not treated, more bone is lost, so progressively teeth start to move and finally they are extracted .

loose denture

Using a full denture for a long period of time, may result in loss of its retention. 

This is due to the fact that the dentures put a lot of pressure in the underlying tissue. Subsequently the bone and the gums shrink and a space is created between the denture and the underlying tissues making the denture loose.

Every person has a different bone loss pace, so the need of every individual for a new or relined denture is different. 

Immediate dentures

Patients who are going to loose their last teeth face the great fear of staying without any teeth between the date of  the extraction of their last teeth and the delivery of a full denture.

If you are one of those patients, you don't need to worry any more.

We can fabricate an immediate denture for you.

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