Pricing and Payment arrangements


DentArtistry is a private prosthodontics practice, that offers advanced prosthodontics services by specialized, US-trained Prosthodontists.

Our services and costs, can only be compared to similar services provided by specialists in your country.

The total cost of your treatment depends highly on the difficulty of your case, the number of teeth involved, as well as the materials of choice.

This is why we can give a cost estimate for your case, only after we receive your e-consultation form and the details for the type of treatment you wish to have.

Following are prices of the most common prosthodontic treatments we perform in DentArtistry.

VENEERS,  400Euros per tooth

BONDING, starts from 100Euros per tooth

DENTAL IMPLANTS, cost 600-900Euros per abutment and crown, depending on the type of implant you have already placed in your mouth

CROWNS, from 300Euros


BRIDGES, from 300 Euros per tooth

IMMEDIATE DENTURES, 1000Euros per jaw

TEETH WHITENING, with custom made trays, 250Euros


We will gladly give you a cost estimate after we receive your e-consultation form detailed with X-rays, and pictures of your smile. 

If you wish to work with us, as soon as you arrive in Athens and visit our clinic, you will be examined by our doctors and the cost of your treatment will be finalized.

After that meeting, we’ll be expecting a down-payment up to the half of the total treatment amount.

Before delivery of your prosthesis we will be expecting payment of the rest of our  fee.

We accept payment in cash, credit cards and bank transfers.

High quality of the prosthodontic work as well as the safety of our patients, are top priorities for us.