What are the parts of an implant tooth?

implant tooth

Dental implants are being used for 35 years for prosthetic treatment of partially or fully edentoulous people.

Research and clinical practice have proved that they can change radically the lives of people who have lost one or more teeth and give back to them their missing self confidence.

Dental implants have three components:

The dental implant: 

This is the part that is placed in the bone and is located under the gum line.

The implant is osseointegrated after 3 months of healing time. During that time bone cells grow on the implant surface, making it strong and able to support the load of the tooth that will be placed on the top.

The abutment:

The abutment is placed usually on the implant a few months after its placement. It is screwed in place and is used to support the prosthesis.

Every implant has specific types of abutments to go with it. The parts fit perfectly to the implant top and that gives to the prosthesis the nessesary stability. We are also able to fabricate custom made abutments as well as abutments made out of ceramic material for high-esthetic cases.

The prosthesis:

This is the crown, bridge or denture that is supported by the implant. The prosthesis can be cemented on the abutmnet or screw retained. 

Do you have implants in your mouth? Is there a specific part of it that you don't understand its use?




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