Temporary solutions during implant treatment.


Provisional or temporary prostheses are often needed during your implant treatment, depending on your case.

If for example, you are missing one or more anterior teeth, then a provisional is extremely important for esthetic purposes mostly. A Maryland bridge or a removable acrylic prosthesis can be of a great help.

In case you are missing one or more posterior teeth, you may or may not need a provisional prosthesis. If you can chew with the rest of your teeth or the missing teeth do not show during function, then staying without a temporary restoration may be a choice.

If you are loosing all your remaining teeth, you will need an intermediate prosthesis both for function and esthetics.

It may be useful to have the last remaining teeth checked before extraction, because depending on their condition and their position on the dental arch these teeth may be able to support a provisional fixed bridge. 

If the remaining teeth have to be extracted then you will need an immediate denture, a denture that is prefabricated and delivered the day you have the teeth extracted. This type of denture allows immediate function and esthetics and it will also serve you during the healing period of implant treatment.

If you already have a denture, then after adjusting it with special materials, we can use this one as a temporary solution during the healing phase. 

In any case your treatment will be smooth until the time comes for the final prostheses to be made.

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