"New set of teeth" with dental implants

An excellent solution for totally edentoulous patients is a fixed prosthesis supported by dental implants.

A fixed implant prosthesis provides our patients with comfort and self-confidence.

When your implant treatment is completed you will be able to feel like when you had your natural teeth.

What are the basic characteristics of a fixed prosthesis?

A fixed prosthesis can only be removed from your dentist for cleanings and check ups. It provides stability and perfect comfort, makes you forget that you lost your own teeth.

How many implants are needed for a fixed prosthesis?

A fixed prosthesis in the mandible is usually supported by 5 implants, while one in the maxilla is supported by at least six implants. The exact number of implants, depends on the amount of bone in your jaws.

Am I a good candidate?

We need to examine your x-rays very carefully. Depending on the amount of bone you have we will answer your question. Generally,l it's easier to place 5 implants in the mandible, especially in the anterior area where the anatomy is smooth, compared to the maxilla.

The sooner you act after the loss of your teeth, the more bone you will have available for the placement of dental implants.

What materials do you use for a fixed prosthesis?

There are two types of fixed prostheses. One is called hybrid and is made from acrylic denture teeth and pink acrylic placed over a metal substructure that connects all the implants together.

The second option is a metal-ceramic prosthesis that resembles a lot the type of prosthesis we usually make over natural teeth.

What is the best solution for me?

Your Prosthodontist will help you decide.

Before that, you need to know that a hybrid prosthesis is less demanding regarding implant placement, is cheaper and stays away from your gums a few millimeters.

A metal-ceramic prosthesis on the other hand, resembles more to your natural teeth, is more expensive and needs precise implant placement. Its' success depends heavily on the amount of bone you have left, as well as the lip support it offers to your face.

In our clinic, we proudly treat patients with these type of prostheses. Especially for our patients that travel from far away, we have a treatment protocol that allows us to take care of them in a short period of time.

Do you have implants placed in your country? Whould you consider having them restored in Greece? Do you know that this option can cost you significantly less?

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