10 tips for good dental health.


1.Avoid sweet snacks: We all love sweets but the truth is that they make our teeth extremely vulnerable to bacteria that cause decay

2.Visit the dentist twice a year for check and cleaning. The best way is by making that appointment the last time you are there. A friendly reminder from the clinic a few days before the appointment will help you.

3.Take care of the teeth your dentist suggested. Make the crown, onlay or the implant that is suitable for you. When you take care of your teeth problems do not accumulate.

4.Do not chew on hard objects like fingernails, ice cubes, pens or pencils because sooner or later you will break either your teeth or a prosthesis.

5.Quit smoking. Smoking is related with bad breath, periodontitis and oral cancer.

6.Start using an electric toothbrush.

7.Use your mouthguard , in case you grind your teeth. It does not stop you from grinding but it protects your teeth from its results.

8.If you whitened your teeth then refresh your result every year so you'll not need to do it all over again after 5 years your teeth whitening.

9.Start flossing, in order to clean 40% of your teeth surfaces that are not touched by your toothbrush.

10.Improve your smile esthetics. Small changes in the way your teeth look can improve your confidence. Why not use it?

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