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mir and dental implantsAs people who have dental implants are increasing, we are often asked if they can have an MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging).

The question arises because dental implants are metallic objects. An MRI uses a powerful magnet to scan the human body. The magnet can be a problem with things containing ferrous metals (i.e. iron and steel).

However dental implants are made of titanium or titanium alloy which in any case can not be magnetized since they contain no iron. The same applies to all the alloys used in the oral cavity.


Bad breath (or halitosis), may result from food or smoking but this is usually temporary.

In 90% of the cases, halitosis source is the mouth, although there are cases where halitosis may result from diabetes or gastro reflux.

Basic reason that causes bad breath are bacteria.


1.Avoid sweet snacks: We all love sweets but the truth is that they make our teeth extremely vulnerable to bacteria that cause decay

2.Visit the dentist twice a year for check and cleaning. The best way is by making that appointment the last time you are there. A friendly reminder from the clinic a few days before the appointment will help you.

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