Would you opt for a smile make-over in Greece?

optforRecently I treated a patient in my clinic for a dental emergency. She was visiting Athens and the islands, while on her way from United States to China. She seemed frightened upon arrival, but when I finished the treatment and suggested a long-overdue cleaning; she went for it with no hesitation. As she happily said upon completion, right from the moment she walked in the clinic and met our team, she felt comfortable.

Is there a chance that going to the dentist during your holidays can be comfortable? 

I bet you would say no, since most dental treatments can be stressful and high in budget. You may also think that dental care in a foreign country may be less successful or the dentists would choose a short cut in your treatment. 

However in Greece we treat a lot of patients who visit the country on holidays, not only for emergencies but for high-budget treatments as well.

 Interesting facts about dental care in Greece:

  • There are many qualified dentists in Greece with excellent training; a lot of us have graduated from accredited USA and European programs.
  • Dental treatment in Greece costs significantly less than the same treatment in the States and Europe. 
  • There are types of dental treatment that can be completed in a short period of time without any pain at all.
  • Dentists in Greece are easy to talk to, think of our offices as boutique-clinics that offer personalized care. Usually dentists and personnel speak English fluently.

International patients prefer easy dental treatments when on holidays, like smile makeovers or the restoration of one or more implants that had been previously placed in their country, 

Depending on the number of days you have available in Athens, you can choose from a variety of esthetic treatments. 

If you only have one day available you can have a checkup, a cleaning, and an in office teeth whitening.

If you have 2 days in Athens you can do all of the above and also have a smile make over with composite veneers, while if you have 7-10 days available you can have a more sophisticated smile make over with porcelain veneers or restore one or more implants. 

All the above treatments can be of excellent quality and will cost less compared to the same quality treatment in your country. 

Steps to follow

  • Discuss your treatment plan with a dentist you trust in your country.
  • Find dental clinics in Greece online. The clinics should provide information for the dentists’ background, education, as well as examples of their work.
  • Get a quote from the dental clinic in Greece for the suggested treatment.
  • Request a Skype meeting or talk to the dentists on the phone. Be ready to provide pictures of your smile and x-rays if asked
  • Upon arrival, meet the dentist, check the clinic, let your instinct guide you and go for the treatment.

Since you visiting the country for holidays, why not take advantage of the great quality dental treatment in low prices and make the whole trip worth the expense you went through?

You can go back to your country with a big smile on your face, full of nice memories and a set of beautiful teeth as well.


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