Get that perfect smile for your wedding day!

 Are you getting married? Is the big day approaching? You probably have many things to do. Is taking care of your smile one of them? I bet, it is. Here you will find advices that will make your wedding day brighter.

A Couple of Months Before: Avoid Food and Drink that stain your teeth.

Deeply pigmented beverages such as soda, coffee, dark tea, and red wine can stain teeth, as can foods like blueberries, cherries, and soy sauce. If they can stain white cotton, they will probably stain your teeth too. Beware of white wine, too. All vino -- whether colorless or red -- can roughen up tooth enamel and make your smile more susceptible to stains.

One to Three Months Before the Wedding: Whiten Your Teeth

The dentist's office provides the best chance for successful whitening if you're on a short time frame. One ZOOM in-office whitening session can get teeth eight shades lighter. A gel is carefully brushed onto teeth and subjected to a bleach-activating light. Supplement this with a take-home kit (to be used every night for two weeks), and you can lighten your teeth up to five or six shades. 

A Week Before Your Wedding: Find Your Best Angle

Most people don't have perfect symmetry to their faces or smiles, so one pose is more flattering than others. Before the big day, look at some recent pictures of yourself, or practice tilting your head at different angles in the mirror. Then you'll know which pose to strike at picture time.

One day before your Wedding: Exfoliate Your Lips

Lipstick clings to dry, flaky spots on your mouth. To keep your lips smooth, use a soft electronic toothbrush to gently buff away dead skin.Then cover your mouth with a thick balm and sleep with it on overnight.

One week before your Wedding: Choose the right Lipstick.

weddingday2Choosing the right lipstick can make your teeth look whiter instantly. Steer clear of oranges, salmons, peaches, browns, and corals -- they give teeth a yellowish cast -- in favor of red or pink sticks with cool or blue undertones. The blue counteracts the tinge of stains and makes your smile look shades brighter. Though matte formulas last the longest, they also tend to absorb more light -- and that can make your teeth appear darker. Instead, wear a creamy lipstick that has some shine or shimmer to it, or sweep on a gloss. It will reflect light and make your smile look brighter.

The Day of your Wedding: Brush your teeth and floss. Avoid smoking

During Your Wedding: Moisten Your Mouth. Just before a picture is snapped, swish a sip of water around in your mouth, or sweep your tongue across your teeth. When they're hit with the light from the flash, they'll sparkle. Enjoy the moments and smile.

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