Dental Bonding.What is it?


Teeth and the way they look are a significant part of the smile and if they don't look well, people tend to get self conscious of their smile.

There are easy ways to achieve a better looking smile and dental bonding is one of them.The term bonding refers to the addition of composite or porcelain veneers at your anterior teeth. Usually the term is used mostly to describe the placement of composite resin at the labial surface of the upper teeth.

How is Dental Bonding done?

A mild etching solution is applied to your teeth to create very small crevices in the tooth's enamel structure. These small crevices provide a slightly rough surface permitting a durable resin to bond materials to your teeth. The resin is then placed on your tooth and high-intensity light cures the resins onto your tooth's surface - with each individual layer of resin hardening in just minutes. When the last coat has been applied to your tooth, the bonded material is then sculpted to fit your tooth and finely polished.

The resin comes in many shades so that we can match it to your natural teeth. Due to the layers involved, this procedure will take slightly longer than traditional silver fillings because multiple layers of the bonding material are applied. Typically bonding takes an hour to two hours depending on your particular case.



  • Gap closing between teeth
  • Improvement of anatomy in small, conical or chipped teeth
  • Correction of pallatally positioned teeth inclination
  • Permanent change of teeth



  • Quick technique, ends in a 2-3 hours appointment
  • Minimally invasive
  • Good pricing compared to other cosmetic procedures



  • Discoloration
  • Regular cleaning and polishing is needed
  • Esthetic outcome depends highly on dentists dexterity.

If you need an easy and quick improvement of your smile then dental bonding is an excellent solution.

Look for a highly skilled dentist that can provide you with a good esthetic outcome. The final result depends highly on his skills. Ask for pictures of cases treated to help you understand.

If you brush thoroughly, take good care of your teeth and visit your dentist regularly, then your dental bonding may last up to 10 years.

Whould you treat your smile to dental bonding in Greece?

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