Smile Design


Dentistry nowadays, involves not only fixing your teeth but making them look good too.

Our patients wish to have healthy teeth and also teeth that look good and are part of a beautiful smile.

Techniques like bonding, whitening and porcelain veneers are dental treatments of choice, which improve our smile and the look of our face allowing us to look younger.

It is very easy to have porcelain veneers; the challenging part of the treatment is for the dentist to give back to the smile all the characteristics that will make the patients look younger and healthier.

The process of a new smile starts with Smile Analysis and goes on with Smile Design

What is Smile Analysis?

 Before making any change on your teeth or to your existing restoration we have to analyze all the special features of the face, the teeth as well as the relationship between the teeth and your face in order to identify all the elements that need improvement.

We assess factors like your gender, your age, the shape of the lips, the length and the width of the anterior teeth as well as the proportion between them.

This assessment is called Smile Analysis.

What is Smile Design?

 Following the results of Smile Analysis, we have to decide the treatment of choice, in order to create an esthetically pleasing smile.

We usually consider if there is need for change to the incisal position of the teeth, their inclination or to the proportion of the teeth between them.

This process has huge impact since it will determine if the result of our esthetic treatment will be successful or not, as well as the treatment of choice.

In Smile Design, we also decide if we are going to need help from a Periodontist that usually works on the gum line, or an Orthodontist that usually works on the proper positioning of the teeth.

How are Smile Analysis and Design done?

 In your first meeting with the doctor you explain your thoughts about your smile and then discuss the options for improvement. Our patients many times express their main concerns without being able to identify all their needs. We are the ones, who have to assess your concerns, evaluate if your problem can be fixed and to suggest possible treatment solutions.

After examining all the parameters of an ideal smile, we fabricate a wax up that incorporates all the changes we are planning. We present the wax up to you in out next appointment and we decide together if the changes we suggest are the most suitable for you.

Sometimes we are able to fabricate a trial smile, which is a smile made out of synthetic materials that can be used over your own teeth without any change on them. The trial smile gives a good representation of the smile we are trying to achieve and lets you decide if the suggested change is ideal for you.


When you are comfortable with the changes we proceed to the treatment and our design is evaluated again during the provisional phase.

With this gradual approach you can feel more certain about the way your teeth will look and feel.

Ideal Smile is a lot of times a gift from Nature, but it is so fulfilling that nowadays we have the ability to recreate it.

Take a look at pictures of Smile Design cases that have been treated in our practice.

smile design photo 1

Smile Design with Lengthening of Anterior Teeth and Dental Bonding

smile design photo 2

Smile Design with Correction of gum line and Porcelain Veneers

smile design photo 3

Smile Design with Correction of gum line and Crowns

smile design photo 4

Smile Design with Implant Supported Prosthesis


Smile Design with porcelain veneers