All Ceramic

all ceramic crowns before and after

How are ceramic materials used in dentistry today?

 With the new ceramic materials we fabricate esthetic crowns, veneers, bridges and inlays or onlays.

What are the all ceramic crowns?

 All-ceramic crowns are being fabricated usually for the anterior teeth and are made only from porcelain. They have superior optical behavior and esthetics, because they lack metal substructure and allow light to go through them.

We can also use them on anterior teeth that had been previously restored with conventional metalceramic crowns, changing completely the esthetics of your smile.

What are the all ceramic inlays or onlays?

 All ceramic inlays and onlays, are used for the restoration of posterior teeth that have lost a significant amount of tooth strusture. They are fabricated in the dental lab and imitate perfectly the natural teeth's anatomy creating a perfect esthetic result even in the posterior of the mouth, while the bonding procedure used for their cementation has proven to strengthen the tooth's structure.

Is it possible to fabricate all ceramic bridges?

 The evolution in all ceramic systems allows us to fabricate all ceramic bridges.

The metal framework of a bridge can be replaced with a new type of substructure, fabricated by ceramic material. The new ceramic materials are white in colour and allow us to provide our patients with dental prosthetics of high esthetics and fracture resistance.

all ceramic crowns

All Ceramic crowns on anterior teeth


Replacement of metalceramic crowns with all ceramic

replacement of porcelain veneers with porcelain crowns

Replacement of porcelain veneers with all ceramic crowns

all ceramic crowns before and after

Replacement of metalceramic bridge with all ceramic

all ceramic crowns and porcelain veneers

Replacement of metalceramic crowns with all ceramic

all ceramic fixed partial denture

All ceramic anterior bridge

all ceramic crowns

All ceramic crowns on anterior teeth